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The Friends of the National Archives of Malta (FNAM) is a Voluntary Organisation set up by enthusiasts drawn from diverse backgrounds who share the excitement of being involved with the National Archives of Malta.  All civilisations preserve artefacts and records of cultural significance, but Malta has had a unusually interesting and well documented past. 

FNAM members assist the National Archivist in his mission to preserve Maltese history and raise awareness of this resource in Malta and beyond.  


The Aims and Objectives of the FNAM association (Voluntary Organisation registration VO/0436) are:

a.  To support the activities of the National Archives of Malta to archive, preserve and make available archival records of national significance (including electronic, digital records);

b. to promote awareness of Malta's archival heritage and the programs and activities of the National Archives of Malta and;

c. to carry on related business activities.

The last item is included to provide flexibility because the National Archives itself is unable to act commercially being a government funded operation.  The National Archives are subject to strict budgetary and procurement rules.  There have been occasions when an artefact is available for purchase, or a particular skilled service was required, for which the normal, formal procurement procedures of a government department are just not practical. 

In some cases the FNAM was able to use the funds already raised to save items for the nation or to engage the best company to perform restoration work without needing to go through a tender process.  The FNAM were able to purchase unique recordings of traditional Ghana music which will be donated to the National Archives for long term safekeeping and ultimately transfer to digital media as part of the "National Memory Project".

FNAM welcomes new members in order to retain its vigour and spread awareness.  Membership is open to all.

The cost of membership is modest (set at just Eur10 per year or Eur100 for Life Membership). Local or overseas members are very welcome.  Members may be individuals, organisations or institutions.  All applications are subject to acceptance by the Executive Committee as a simple precaution against unwelcome commercialisation of a voluntary organisation.  The application form is available upon request.

Members details are held in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2005 and only used to send information related to the National Archives.  Funds of the FNAM are subject to annual audit and reporting.

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